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Battling Ocean Plastics

Karachi; A Mammoth of a City with Gargantuan Waste

Karachi, Pakistan’s largest metropolitan city, is located along the shoreline of the Arabian Sea, consisting almost 80 miles in length, supporting two seaports, around 10 recreational beaches and four major industrial areas. Over 20 million dwellers live in this sprawling city and its suburbs, generating approximately 12,000 tons of waste each day, spread over an area of 3500 square kilometres, half of which finds its way into the sea. Saaf Suthra Sheher analyzed Karachi’s waste problem, and has come up with possible solutions to help solve the problem of plastics polluting the sea.

Karachi’s Ocean Waste


Lock the Plastic! The Solution

The FisherPlastic

Engage with small to medium scale fishermen with monthly income less than US$ 120 per month. Incentivize and train them to fish ‘plastic’ and form a ‘common interest group’ of such likeminded individual fishermen to communally fish, segregate, clean and store the plastic. Establish a plastic recycling supply chain and sell FisherPlastic to the factories.

The ‘Über’ Waste

Organize the informal recycling agents under one banner. As ‘Über’ Waste, use the collective outreach of recycling agents to secure higher rates from factories for larger volumes, and supply these to factories only on improved rates. Ensure all sorts of plastic gets collected before reaching the nullahs, rivers and beaches.

Note: ‘Über’ is being used as a phenomenon here NOT as a name of the Company                      

The Plastic Tax

Engage with restaurants, huts, commercial establishments on all major beaches and shoreline of Karachi. Engage with all seaport and industrial estates, and in partnership, set up plastic waste management systems, offering ‘Über’ Waste service to them. Using the municipal authorities, ports and industrial estate management, levy an environment tax to discourage open dumping.

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