SAAF Suthra Sheher
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Pappu Recycles!!


Pappu Recycles!! is an initiative conceived and founded by Saaf Suthra Sheher, to mainstream recycling into the society, by working together with citizens, especially the youth and the conscious. Under this campaign, we collect all recyclable waste, and guarantee it gets recycled, without letting any of it go to a landfill. Together with the citizens, we reduce the volume of waste going to landfills, streams and grasslands, we also instill social responsibility in all ages, and all of this without any inconvenience to the consumer. Saaf Suthra Sheher provides bags, collection and segregation services, including manpower.

recyclable-waste-typesaluminium-cansCurrently, Pappu is active in Islamabad and Attock, but plans to travel all across Pakistan to collect your recyclables!

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