SAAF Suthra Sheher
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Changing Trends @ Saaf Suthra Sheher

Saaf Suthra Sheher aims to innovate waste management in urban areas of Pakistan, to contribute to urban regeneration and making our cities sustainable.

To fulfill this ambition, SSS has been actively researching, testing and introducing the following initiatives:

Revamping Waste Management; A Pilot in Attock City, Punjab

Saaf Suthra Sheher remained active in two residential areas of Attock to set up a participatory integrated solid waste management system. The philosophy was to mobilize households into forming committees, nominating volunteers to engage with SSS, and assist it in formalizing a door-to-door segregated waste collection system.

Saaf Suthra Sheher charged a fee, against which it provided every household with two types of bags (one for organic and another for inorganic waste), a janitor who collected waste daily from their doorstep, sweeped the street and cleaned the drains.

Shops were also targeted, whereby similar service was provided to them but in a different frequency and format. The fees were charged according to the size of the shop, with the smallest shops being exempt. Market level waste committees were formed who mobilized the shopkeepers on behalf of SSS and maintained cleanliness in the area.

The model was tested and was found successful in a peri-urban community like that of Attock.

Say NO to Landfills!

The ad-hoc approach towards landfills allocation and management by Pakistani municipalities led SSS to re-think waste management in urban centers.  Already into managing inorganic waste (Pappu Recycles), SSS is currently devising solutions for reducing organic waste disposal by experimenting with Organic Waste Converter technologies.  These technologies are tried and tested internationally, but are yet to be introduced in Pakistan at household and/or commercial levels.

One of them is a simple outdoor Angled Organic Waste Tumbler suitable for larger houses, offices and farms.  It is designed to convert all organic waste (kitchen and garden waste) into organic farm fertilizer/compost.

Another such idea being tested is to design an Organic Waste Converter Machine, suitable for households as well as commercial purposes.  The design and testing for this Machine is being done in partnership with a Mechanical Equipment Department of a renowned Engineering University.  Like the tumbler, this Machine would also produce compost using organic waste.


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