Regular Recycling of General Dry Waste

Supervised Pulping

Recycling of Special Waste


Saaf Suthra Sheher strives to provide responsible waste management solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our services include:

Regular Recycling of General Dry Waste

Saaf Suthra Sheher partners with responsible households, offices, schools, hotels, embassies and businesses to set up partnerships for regular recycling of general dry waste, i.e. paper, plastic, metal, glass and Tetra Paks. Saaf Suthra Sheher designs Customized Recycling Plans and trainings catering to the specific needs of each partner to segregate and regularly collect recyclable waste.

To learn more about our recycling services, please see Recycle with Pappu.

Supervised Pulping of Confidential Paper Archives

Saaf Suthra Sheher provides supervised recycling services for confidential paper archives. Under this service, confidential papers are directly transported to and pulped at our partner paper recycling facility in the supervision of the client. This is a great alternative to the common practice of burning confidential papers which is harmful for the environment and human health!

Recycling of Special Waste

Saaf Suthra Sheher has ethical solutions for managing special and non-regular waste such as batteries, coolants, window panes and wood. These services are provided on demand and specific to the needs of our partners.

Consultancies for Setting Up Waste Management Systems and Landfills

Saaf Suthra Sheher provides consultancy services in waste management, conservation, environmental management and other environment-development concepts. Our experts specialise in project cycle management, resource development and efficiency and institutional assessment and development. They have worked with organizations such as The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, WWF, IUCN, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, DfID, IFC and others.